Paris’ Gare du Nord reopens after a scare evacuation

Gare du Nord, one of the main railway station of Paris, reopens on Tuesday after a police led evacuation forced it closed on Monday evening for suspected militants search.

Gare du Nord station entrance

After a tip-off was given about the would-be presence of three dangerous terrorist suspects on high speed trains of Gare du Nord station, French police led an evacuation at 11pm local time following with a large-scale operation to carry out the investigation. Due to a spate of Islamist attacks and Sunday’s presidential election, Police were on high alert and searched a specific high speed train from Valenciennes, northern France, while 200 traveller people were still on board.


The search was for three men that a “partner country” had informed French Intelligence about last Friday who were suspected of seeking to carry out an imminent attack.


But the alert was soon called off when nothing immediately alarming was found. And the station, which is the terminus for Eurostar trains from London, was reopened on Tuesday morning.


The Paris police headquarters later explained that the operation was for “verification” and to “dispel any doubts about a threat.


No other detail was given by the authorities save the tweet, “End of security checks. Gradual return to normal” by Paris police.

paris pic
Popular tourist place Eiffel Tower, France

France has been under a state of emergency since the terror attack in last two years. But the security has been particularly high during the final stages of France’s presidential elections.


With that coming to an end on last Sunday with the election of centrist Emmanuel Macron, the state of high alert should ease a bit, just in time of the holiday and tourist season.

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