Why we love Psycho-Thrillers

Remember the days when you would have a Jane Austen tucked under your arm, ready to pull out to read whenever you felt the need to escape the real world? Yah, me neither.

What I do remember are the countless nights I spent absorbed in the lives of Amy Dunne and all those other mysterious characters, looking at the world through their eyes, reciting their lies like poems.

Someone who has read a psycho thriller book would be well aware of its charm and popularity. It has the perfect recipe to keep one satisfied with their meal enough to get hooked on it and make them long for more. Perhaps like an ice cream, hard and cold, yet comforting in a sense unknown to words.

And now more than ever, psycho-thrillers are at their peak, for love and recognition. Hollywood loves it, the youth loves it, and women especially love it.

With strong, intelligent and calculative female characters in lead, books like Gone Girl have gone viral. What makes them so special is the sense of empowerment it gives to its readers while simultaneously twisting the reality of their world. Letting them give in to their dark side for a while in a world where the society dictates them to be sweet and perfect.

So as an experiment, I went around the city, to see if all these ideas I said were true or if they were just some beautifully twisted lies like Amy would say.

The audio clip contains the truth hidden behind my lies. And I dare you to play it.


Music used in this audio clip:

Intro — I know you were trouble by Taylor Swift (Video Version)

Technically Missing from Gone Girl Soundtrack album

Procedural from Gone Girl Soundtrack album

Sugar Storm from Gone Girl Soundtrack album.


Check out a psych analysis video of a popular psycho-thriller character, Amy Dunne!

Why Gone Girl’s Amy Dunne is the Most Disturbing Female Villain of All Time | Psych of a Psycho

By Vanity Fair

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