PDP: Career Planning

Analysis of Publications and Journalists I Admire:

I have always been fascinated with the lifestyle related TV shows and magazines like the Master Chef Series, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Samantha Brown’s Greatest Weekend, and Travel+Leisure, Harper’s Bazaar, Real Simple, Prevention, etc.

So, I think I most want to work for such TV shows or magazines.

If I have to pick one, I think I would choose magazine Marie Claire UK. What I really love about this magazine is the feeling of inclusiveness it invokes in its readers. Also it covers all the aspects of life and lifestyle I want to write about.

The reason I picked the magazine over TV show is that I feel I am most comfortable in writing things as I already have some experience of writing but little experience in presenting. What I mean here is that writing is something that comes naturally to me, whereas presenting and hosting (a show) is something I’m yet to learn (but I’m most eager to). So, if asked now, I would most likely say magazine for my work place because that is what I can easily imagine right now.

As for the Journalist I admire, I would say Laura Hyatt.Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 17.18.53.png

Laura is a 25-year-old Londoner Photographer who Blogs about her adventures in London. Her Blog Heroine in Heels is her second job/business which she started in her University days as a pastime but then quickly turned it to a full time job.

I like her because she represents most of the things I want to achieve in my future too, like starting young, creating and running a successful blog, and writing about food, fashion and travel, basically being a Lifestyle Journalist.

One of her recent works that I like a lot is about her experience at a nail bar. http://www.heroineinheels.com/2016/11/london-grace-nail-bar-with-cocktail-bar.html


Her work is a clever mix of her experience at the bar and scenic pictures. What I think makes it work so well is that it doesn’t feel overly descriptive of the place or personal rambles about the experience. She makes her reader feel like they are present with her at every moment by beautifully using suitable pictures. And that’s really the thing that impressed me the most. I find her approach to getting her stories is getting out there and experiencing it herself and then writing about it. The skills she used for this article were of excellent photography and conversational yet subtly persuasive tone of writing.

**Pictures taken from Laura’s Blog Heroine In Heels**

The Type of Journalist I Want to Be:

When I think about my future, I can see myself as someone working in service and entertainment sector. I see myself either as a freelancer, developing ideas, researching on trends and writing for my own blog/website, or as a professional starting my own journalistic operation.

Now, service and entertainment sector is a very broad term, but what this term means for me is a sector related to public lifestyle and leisure.

I feel that I would be most suitable and most successful in this field because of my passion for exploring new trends, people, places, etc. and weaving a story for the entertainment and knowledge of others.

I feel that this way I could make most out of my personal life and career. Working as a lifestyle journalist I would constantly be able to learn new things and grow as a person both skilfully and mentally, as it is a job that challenges a persons’ preconceived notions and makes them realise about the new and different things that exist in this world. Whereas from a career point-of-view it is most liberal and accepting sector as one could be a generalist or a specialist, trend-setter or trend-follower, story-liver or story-teller, everyone is welcome to share their knowledge and experience, no matter good or bad, and know that there is always someone interested in hearing what they have to say, because it relates to their lifestyle.

As for the Matt Thompson’s described types of journalists, I feel I relate to the type storyteller, newshound and the system analyst the most. Out of these, I feel practically I behave more like a combination of system analyst and newshound but I aspire to be more of a storyteller. In the words of Thompson, “Storytellers render dull material vivid, making broccoli taste like s’mores.” Therefore, I think the quality of storytelling is something which will help me become a better lifestyle journalist because it is all about life’s little experiences wrapped up and presented to readers in a form of shiny, interesting stories.

Things I Need to Do to Become That Kind of Journalist:

Firstly, I will start investing more of my time studying work of other successful journalist and investing my free time updating and promoting my blog page. That way I will sharpen my writing skills and way of presenting of ideas, get real-time feedback and develop an early hold on the blog industry (like Laura Hyatt).

Secondly, I will get work experience under established media hubs and secure internships with magazines and broadcast media to get a feel of what it is like to work in real time and directly learn practical skills needed to survive in this fast-paced industry.

My Media Diet:

  • Magazines – Marie Claire, Real Simple, Tatler UK, National Geographic Traveler, AFAR, basically a mix of art, travel, food, fashion, and other lifestyle magazines. This will be beneficial as I can analyse the writing style as well as the layout patterns. Also I will learn about the popular content as well as latest ideas .
  • TV Shows – Passport to Europe, Man vs Food, The Nerdist, Project Runway, Designed to Sell, Say yes to the dress: Randy knows best and other upcoming ones. Watching them will give me a sense of how and what works on Television and the way to present things to people
  • Websites – BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post. And obviously the blogs. They are the hub for all kinds of lifestyle related data, so for acquiring information and ideas it will be good to follow them.

People/Blogs to Follow:

  • Poppy (@poppy_loves) – A London lifestyle, food and travel blog.
  • Laura Hyatt (@LauraJHyatt) – London Based Lifestyle Blogger Photographer.
  • Ana Silva O’Reilly (@mrsoaroundworld) – A Blog about luxury travel.
  • Matthew Kepnes (@nomadicmatt) – Explorer and travel blogger.
  • Naina Redhu (@Naina) – Luxury Lifestyle Blogger and Photographer.
  • R V Puruothaman (@purushuarie) – Fashion Blogger.
  • Gia Kashyap (@Giasaysthat) – Fashion blogger.
  • Nagalakshmi (@ediblegarden) – Food blogger.
  • Luiz Hara (@thelondonfoodie) – Food blogger and reviewer.
  • Glenda Bailey (@glendacbailey) – Editor in chief, Harper’s Bazaar Magazine
  • Leslie Yazel (@lyazel) – succeeding editor in chief, Real Simple Magazine
  • Anne Fulenwider (@AnneFulenwider) – Editor in chief, Marie Claire Magazine
  • Nathan Lump (@nathanlump) – succeeding editor in chief, Travel+Leisure Magazine
  • George Stone (@travelerstone) – editor in chief, National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Deb Perelman (@smittenkitchen) (@debperelman) – American Food blogger
  • Angie Silver (@SilverSpoonLDN) – A London based luxury travel blogger
  • Darya Rose (@summertomato) – Health and fitness blogger
  • Rachel Jones (@Hippie_InHeels) – lifestyle and travel blogger
  • Annette (@BucketListJrny) – Lifestyle, food and travel blogger
  • Sia (@MeetSia) – Indian Food Blogger

My Option Choices:

For year one semester two, I have chosen the module Introduction to Consumer and Lifestyle Journalism. Through this I will learn about the writing techniques related to my chosen field as it concerns lifestyle media directly.

For my year two semester two options, I have to pick two modules. First one is Specialist Journalism 1 – Fashion, and for second I’m confused between Transmedia Practices and Multimedia Storytelling and Production. These will teach me how to tackle and effectively use different platforms of media. Which will ultimately help me achieve my goals as nowadays sharing of information has become a multi-platform business, so it is essential to keep up with all of them to succeed.

Lastly for my year three optional modules, I plan on taking Dissertation and Specialist Journalism 2 – Arts and Entertainment. Through this I will continue to specialise in my chosen field, lifestyle and entertainment media.

Work Placements I Would Like to Do:


Time Inc. –– It is one of the world’s most influential media companies, which also has Marie Claire and other magazines where I want to work under it. So, interning/working with them will be really special and insightful.


BBC –– BBC is a huge media corporation and any chance or opportunity to work/intern with them will benefit me in every way possible. It will give me the industry exposure, sense of professionalism and a great base to kick start my career.

marie claire logo.jpg

Marie Claire –– It is a prominent Lifestyle magazine. Since I want to work with this magazine, it would be smart to get an experience and an early start by interning with them.

The End.

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